Our Story

Who we are?

We are an Aspiring Leaders in IT Industry

Technoflair is a dedicated and quality-oriented company that combines rich technical expertise, industry’s best-proven practices, and metrics with the dynamic workforce to offer outstanding technical solutions. Our services range from engineering to application development, product delivery. We specialize in providing Enterprise applications, Technical solutions, Support services, ERP solutions, creating different methodologies, geospatial services, building solutions that brings a unique entity of software approach.

Why Technoflair

We Innovate and Inspire

Technoflair resembles its uniqueness by time-efficient solutions, unique process and years of market expertise which earned us trust and credibility. Our solutions target the expectations and provide out of box solutions. Technoflair firmly presumes that a highly-skilled motivated and experienced team of professionals are instrumental in delivering high-quality IT solutions with reasonable costs and with less time. We function with the full-stack approach by valuing your time which relies on listen, understand, brainstorm and execute. 

About Technoflair

We bring life to our clients’ vision

Technoflair is a product development and service-oriented company and a place which proffers solutions in various different platforms to grow your business with technology advancements, increasing influx of data, helping organizations with utility maintenance through GIS. Our secret of client success ratio relies on the innovation of technology improvements with excellence. At Technoflair, we compute our success by customer delight than the revenue. We aggressively consider and understand clients objective to consistently deliver cutting-edge and quality results. Our vision of success depends on the client’s satisfaction. We bring life to our clients’ vision.  

Our Vision

Become a global champion in leveraging potential from digital technologies

To build innovative solutions for Customers & Partners and be recognized as a global leader in providing quality solutions & services. We aspire to become a client-centric organization leading the implementation of technology trends by merging operational excellence and innovative solutions.

Our Mission

Transformation through Quality & Excellence

To be the partner of choice for the world’s leading service providers, government sector, and enterprises by helping them create, build and maintain the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective tools, applications and meet their customers’ growing needs through the rapid deployment of new communication services

Value Proposition

Our value proposition is a promise of Value to be delivered.

Measure & Optimize  

At Technoflair, we Measure what matters and stay on top of it. A detailed data-driven approach is used to Measure your needs & revenue areas to Optimize the best of what you want. 

Competitive cost  

Our oath of Competition is based on offering standardized facilities and products at Low Cost, with value added through services provided. We provide our customers with the option of having a guaranteed locked-in price, which protects them from running over budget. 

Knowledge Driven

Software development is a Knowledge-Driven industry, which relies on employees' expert knowledge to create a finished product, where this expert knowledge is mostly tacit. Our teams have a relatively unique structure, wherein the division of Expertise is impactful.

Quality, agility & collaboration

Collaboration is all around us. At Technoflair, We coordinate with your teams for Quality designs, Agile solutions that foster the relationship between you and TF team and “collaboratively we achieve more”.

Core Values

Technoflair is very passionate about its work. We strive to continue offering more value to our client's, shareholders and employees. A common set of values and goals, shared by every member of our company serves as a standard reference point and enables us as all to move together successfully into the future.

Process Oriented

Our team is process driven. This means we’re consistent, understand how to work independently and avoid disruptions

Customer Advantage

Superior Results for Our Clients. Everything we do is focused on our client's needs, both short term and long term. Adding value is our moto

Alternative Thinking

That’s how we make a difference

Simplification Vs Passion

We discover and re-discover to simplify the solutions, that's our passion and the result is "we achieve best".

Fun & Learn at work

There is no end to knowledge. We want more, and we chase it. We have it all. FUN & LEARN

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