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Author: Mrs. Anjana

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Published on: July 20, 2018.

Web Development

Web development created a drastic change in today's world... without Web development, there is no Awesome Website. Today's market is very Increadable in the platform of web development. In one case, Web Development there are drag & Drop options, This is one of the best features, will see forward what's the next features comes into the Front-end.

In web development, the saying “The only constant changes” seems to be industry-defining. Web development is changing every second. In order to make that happen, new programming languages and frameworks are the rises, extensions are becoming more compatible, and real-time web apps are becoming more popular.

User expectations are growing and it is more important than ever to build digital experiences that are engaging, fun, and using. Content needs to be accessible everywhere, in real-time, and, of course, on mobile devices.

Browser Extensions are bits of code written in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. They modify the functionality of a web browser and can add new features, change appearances or content of websites. Extensions used to be built for a specific browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. This is changing as Firefox is also supporting Chrome extensions and Edge is catching up on this as well.

Top Technologies For UI Developers during Web Development.

The web continues to amaze everyone. With all its variety and different changes to the platform, it’s hard to see a straight pattern — if there even is one. But it’s wonderful to see what is being changed, which features are added to the platform, which ones get deprecated, and how browsers implement more and more technology to protect the user from malicious website attacks. It’s interesting to see that these security features nowadays are getting as much attention as a feature for developers; this shows the importance of privacy and security and how unstable and insecure the web was in the past.

Latest Trends In UI Designs

Rich Animations

earlier, it was interesting as we moved from static images and simple flat animations mostly text to SVG for better engagement and increased usability. This wouldn’t have been possible without the advances in CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery. In fact, nowadays would see the high usage of WebGL (a web standard created to display 3D graphics in any platform that supports OpenGL) taking the users experience to a whole new level.

Mobile 1st Approach

From the Past, we saw clients opting for responsive websites with desktop being the main priority. But later, there was a shift towards mobile-first approach with companies realizing the importance and increased usage of mobiles.

Longform content and scrolling

As users have become more comfortable scrolling to find content on smaller-screened devices over the past few years, more designers have begun implementing long-form content and scrollable interfaces on bigger screens. This allows users to very quickly scan large volumes of content, in a single, fluid motion without being removed from the experience by navigation or interruption. It’s a versatile mechanic that works well across all devices and mediums of content

Unusual Navigation

Companies across the globe did not see much adoption to the trend of Unusual Navigation in past and web developers mostly limited to design agencies using it for their own websites. But nowadays it will be different, all are expect an openness towards the non-convention designs and spiking up the tinge in experiences with more usage of this feature.

Sound Design

This is going to be a novel entry in the field of design. We expect the sound design to become integral in designing the mobile applications. Currently, only a few companies like Facebook is using this trend. The small sound on the click of comment or while selecting your smiley is a way of making the whole experience delightful and not ordinary.

Immersive, full-screen video

In the world of UI design is still a great way to quickly grab the user’s attention. Vision is said to be the strongest of all human senses, and a large, single image is able to summarise both message and tone of voice in an efficient, succinct way.

Breaking the grid

By moving away from the grid and rigid baseline structures, designers are creating sites, applications, and interfaces that are altogether more intriguing and experimental. However, as important as the grid is, it can also be restrictive and rigid, limiting creative options for designers. In an attempt to create digital experiences that break from tradition, many web and UI designers are experimenting with layout by breaking the grid. It opens up a whole new host of creative possibilities, allowing designers to create real statement pieces through the use of layering, depth, motion and obvious focal points.

ByUsing Html elements, we will improve the performance of the website, In HTML, CSS, JavaScript also gets more changes in earlier, The responsiveness should be implemented more by using media queries. The web development came to a lot of changes, The images are becoming acts as an icon, maybe this is more helpful to develop the attractive websites.

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